Kees van Willigen, son of a dynasty of Dutch jewelers, a drawing and color genius whose art developed in four different cultures. Dutch culture from its origins, German culture for its learning of pictorial art, Asian culture and French culture. He lived from 1915 to 1990 and leaves us a pictorial work more than painted, chiseled. Far from RGB colors Kees van Willigen expresses himself with unmistakable complex colors. It has also been said that the pictorial work of Kees van Willigen represents the grace of the 20th century. In one of his 700 letters, as early as 1970, Kees van Willigen wrote : “The notion of ecology is above all a question of conscience. The unconscious will never be an ecologist, will it still have to become conscious first «The ecological conscience of Kees van Willigen is still fully avant-garde today. His work is already known and appreciated in the USA, Canada, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and France. He has expressed himself : in pencil, ink, gouache, watercolor, oil pencils, etchings, oil paint and in sculpture. So to promote world-wide the excellence of his work, his family decided to put his unique collection up for sale as high-resolution NFT’s at auction. The works will be put on sale one after the other in a single copy.